Saturday, 1 March 2014

Golden Boy - You gotta get up and Thai, and Thai, and Thai.

Keeping the ol’ finger on the pulse of Adelaide is like having a full time job these days. A full time job that takes money from your bank account each week instead of putting it in of course!  There are so many new places popping up all over this rad city of ours and at the moment I feel like a spoilt kid at Christmas time just trying to decide which present to unwrap next.

Golden Boy, located in the old pool table room of The Botanic, seems to be the talk of the town. After the tidal wave of burgers, hotdogs and anything containing pulled pork crashed over our city, the promise of exquisite Thai food was like a breath of very welcome fresh air.

Strolling in I was instantly blown away by the change in look. It was like seeing an old friend who’s dropped 20 K-Gee’s and acquired a younger lover. It looks AMAZING. Wicked wall art, sexy bar tops and quirky bits and pieces to boot, this place is modern yet still absolutely sopping (yes, sopping) in character.

The menu, doubling as a placemat, is a far cry from your boring Pandan Chicken varieties and simply bursting at the seams with fresh and inspired dishes. The salt and pepper tofu which we enjoyed as a starter was gobsmacking-ly good. I’m not even huge on tofu and I would have gobbled it down as a main and told the waiter to ‘keep it coming’.

For mains we went with a number of tasty plates including the traditional Pad Thai which was a steaming mess of deliciousness. With flavours that could knock out Ali and a low rating on the grease-o-meter, this is undoubtedly one of the best Pad Thai's going around.

The two times I’ve been to Golden Boy I had two different experiences with the service. First time was Topnotch. The capital in the T was not a mistake, it was THAT pleasant. Then the second time it was the pits. Like, totally ruined the experience. I'm all down with a casual approach with your customers but this was redic! Sentences like “Yeh. sweet let’s roll with that” and “yeeeeeeeah rad, I’ll get that shizzle on the go” is not what I like to hear while enjoying a pleasant meal with my parents. Okay I don’t think he said ‘shizzle’ but you catch my drift!

Apart for the one average waiter, Golden Boy is like a beautiful Thai lady boy. It is so much more than you expected….. In a good way I mean!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.  

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  1. Delicious food and loved the late dining option (I felt like a real adult). It was an absolute winner with GF and I.

  2. I tried to book 2 dinners in December and both fell through. Still haven't made it there! Totally inspired to make it happen now. :)

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