Friday, 1 November 2013

Welcome to hot dog heaven...

There are no ifs, buts or maybes about it - Nordburger is the hottest new burger joint in town. This place is hotter than Scarlet Johansson…. in a bathing suit…. licking an ice-cream. BOOM! 
Straight through the door in search of a place to perch, it was clear that this isn’t a spot to have a sit down meal with the fam. Instead this eatery is set up as a quick bite location with benches and high tables to stand around while you mung down on those juicy, juicy burgers and hotdogs. With light wood accents, black and white tiling and a central cement bench top, Nordburger has a simple yet classy interior. This eatery still musters the ‘americano’ vibe without being quirky or tacky like some of its predecessors.  

With a short, sharp and shiny menu there are only a handful of burger and hotdog varieties to choose from which is a-ok if they are done exceptionally. It’s like a single man at a bar – he only needs a couple of exceptional pick-up moves in order to impress. And whilst we are at it… if we’re likening Nordburger’s offerings to smooth moves then my BLT Dog was the equivalent of ‘woah, sorry to stare but you look exactly like my next girlfriend!’ Absolute gold and pretty on the money as I would totally consider having a committed relationship with this meal! The bun was a squishy and delicious cloud for my super tasty frank to rest with his mates undeniably-fresh-tomato-and-lettuce. The only criticism I would have is that I found the bacon to be unremarkable. Apart from that… it was a dream boat.

Nordburger’s ethos is all about fresh, local produce and this is certainly illustrated in the final product.  My burgerin’ bud went with the Cheeseburger which looked just as high quality and well executed as my BLT. We also shared some crinkle cut chips which were crunchy perfection and taken to the next level of bliss when dipped in their amazing Nord sauce. Now that is the best 50 cents one could ever spend!

Wash it all down with one of Nord’s signature milkshakes and you will be full to the brim and bustin’ out of your clothes like Kimmy K pre-baby. I’ve slurped up the Pretzel as well as the salted caramel which were both bloody delish.

Well it seems that the masses have spoken and the price is right here folks! Nordburger is well worth the unavoidable line up. The staff also seems to be rockin’ out on the job and having a great time so you are always going to see some smiles about!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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  1. Man, this makes me want to go to Adelaide! Because there is a shocking lack of decent hot dog/burger outfits in my town.

    1. You better come and visit! Thanks for the comment Sarah.

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