Sunday, 17 November 2013

Coupla googs in Colonel Light.

There isn’t anything better than catching up with an old school mate who is back for a visit. On the flip side: there’s nothing worse than your best mates moving interstate! Sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway. WIIIILLLLLSSSOOOONNNNN!!! There is however always a silver lining and I look forward to their visits more than a nerd with a Harry Potter party on the calender. Last Saturday I got to make the most of one such visit and we decided to catch up over a couple of googs.
It’s hard to believe that there is any breaky place I am yet to venture to, let alone one that is a mere 5 minutes from my abode! I decided to cease the edible opportunity and hit up The Stranded Store for the first time. Hidden away in the suburban maze that is Colonel Light Gardens, navigating myself to the store brought back traumatic memories of getting lost in the Puzzle Park maze. I may be scarred for life by that childhood horror. Once I finally arrived at my destination I was instantly impressed by its simple yet cosy vibe. This is the kind of place that is just special enough for a birthday brunch but also perfect for a quick bite post workout.

With a solid variety of menu items to choose from I can’t imagine anyone not finding something they are after. The gal pals and I decided to go for some classic eggs as you like with a few sides to mix it up. Having your poached eggs cooked to perfection is almost as important as a waxer with steady hands. This chef got it right. Not too hard, not too runny. The avocado side was also faultless with an impressive seasoning which really cranked the dish up a few notches.

I was pretty excited when I saw the ol’ blood orange juice. Although still enjoyable, I have to say it was the less attractive sister of the blood orange juice from East End Providore.

All in all, like a mouse through a maze, I am pleased I found the cheese. I will definitely be back there again, especially considering they take bookings which is quite rare in a town where breakfast spots are getting a tad too big for their boots. Just sayin’.

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.  

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