Monday, 9 September 2013

In the East...

When I heard about a little joint called East End Providore opening up in the East End I wasn’t exactly sure what it was. A shop? A café? A bird? A plane? It seems I was getting mixed messages down my social media line and I decided to head straight to the source to sort the confusion.

On a looooooovely Friday afternoon, a friend and I wondered down Ebenezer Place searching for this new eatery as enthusiastically as a sniffer dog at Lohan’s house. Just across the frog-and-toad from the Belgium Beer Café we were instantly impressed by East End P’s stylish and welcoming interior. You can certainly tell that the lady behind it  has spent many-a years in the Swiss hospitality industry. Simple yet stylish down to the finest deets.

With the sun beaming down and the infectious vibes on the street we decided to plant ourselves outside with a blanket (provided by East End P’s!) and watch all the hipsters go by. Ebenezer Place is THE place for top buttons and beards. Just sayin’, if you are into that kind of thing (read as: I am totally into that kind of thing).
With a short but sweet menu you’d expect for your choice of dish to be fairly easy…..wrong! Like a Bachelor of the Year magazine spread, everything on their succinct menu was making my mouth water. From rustic sourdough sanga’s to quiches and salads, everything on offer was calling my name,  but alas, I could only choose one! Or could I? Being two women who believe that we can, in fact, have it all we decided to share a coupla dishes.

 We went with the pumpkin, spinach and woodside chevre quiche and the Australian buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, baby spinach & house pesto sourdough sandwich. Holy Chevre! This had to be the best quiche I have ever had with its super delightful, slightly peppery filling encased by what can only be described as pastry perfection.  Accompanied by a garden salad, I would gladly cough up the $10.50 again… and again!
The sourdough  open sandwich is a prime example of something simple made spectacular due to its top quality ingredients. The pesto had to be amongst the best I have tasted.
For beverages I went with a freshly squeezed blood orange juice. I’m new to the blood orange game and I can imagine I feel the same way about that as a forty year old woman does when she finds herself a generous lover (or reads 50 Shades) for the first time: in complete awe of the pleasure and slightly pissed to have missed out on it for so long. 
My friend went with ‘The Rabbit Hole’ Breaky blend tea which came with a little timer so you know when the recommended brew time of 6 minutes is up. Too cute!
After lunch I decided to peruse the shelves filled with high quality local and international products. I could have gone to town on dem shelves but I was well restrained and instead went for some Woodside Brie with crackers which they will plate up upon request!

East End Providore is definitely one of my favourite places in the East Side, or any side for that matter! Now go and check it out.. and say hi to me, I’ll probably be there!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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  1. Great review and pictures MTC - I will be sure to check it out! ^N

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