Monday, 2 September 2013

Meet you at the diner...

 Is it just me or is there a bit of a craze going on in Adelaide where restaurants are super small and don’t take bookings? My, how the tables have turned!Us diners are now the powerless party who are forced to eat dinner before the sun goes down or risk waiting in the cold and watching the happy people inside enjoying their yummy food. It’s like window shopping for food, when all you want to do is buy!

Lucky for me on my last trip to ol’ mate Pearls Diner I was early enough to secure a seat straight off the bat! Tucked away on an inconspicuous backstreet in Felixstow, this American style diner has been knocking the socks off of Rad-town dwellers for over a year now. A collaboration between the gangs of Burger Theory and La Waffle, this place is like putting together LL Cool J and Jennifer Lopez. A magical mash-up.... and if you don’t believe me, wait a minute don’t bounce baby, let’s talk about this… (if you don’t recognise these lyrics you need to skedaddle over to YouTube right now and witness something wonderful)
The burgers’ at Pearl’s have got a rep as well known as those two girls who use to pash each other at parties to get the boys attention. Pretend lesbianism? Puh-lease. However unlike those low self-esteemed ladies, everyone wants to get their hands on Pearl’s sweet buns.

In order to get a nibble of both burgers offered this perfect dining duo decided to go halvies. Burger #1 a juicy beef patty accompanied with lettuce, tomato, American cheese and truck sauce. This burger, although simple in its construction, is far from average. The quality of the meat is undeniable and the truck sauce is as revolutionary as Thomas Edison’s negative feelings towards reading by candlelight. This is a burger that all Adelaidians’ should conquer.
Burger #2 – a beef patty, this time accompanied with onion confit, pancetta and blue cheese sauce. Now this is a salty/sweet paradise like no other. I enjoyed this burger more than painting my hand with liquid glue then peeling it off and I don’t even like blue cheese! There is no explanation I can provide for this taste sensation other than to express how imperative it is that you try it out yourself.   
As for the chips… I just don’t get it. I love a smaller, specialized kinda menu where there isn’t a huge range but you know that whatever you order will be done exceptionally. This is the vibe that Pearl’s is certainly going for so why, dear lord why, are their chips so spectacularly average? These are the kind of chips you would expect to be found in a cup at a footy match. Sure, these kinds of chippies have their place and I’m certainly not hatin’ on classic footy grub but why wouldn’t they spend some time to work out the perfect complement to their outstanding burgers? On the positive side, the less fried carbs down the gullet, the more stomach space for dessert or their other much loved menu items like mac n’ cheese or chicken wings

Pearl's has a small selection of waffles to be enjoyed and on my last trip I went for a waffle special which was topped with peanut butter ice-cream and chocolate sauce. Any dessert menu with the words ‘peanut’ and ‘butter’ make me go from ‘oh I'll just have a squiz, but I'm pretty full’ to ‘hells yeh, I am having two of the….’so quick it will make your head spin. These waffles are almost as good as the waffles at Chocolate No. 5 with a fluffy inside and a crispy outside. Yes... please!
In my eyes, Pearl’s has certainly earned its stellar reputation and is a perfect hot-spot for a delicious and affordable mid-week dinner in the sleepy suburbs.  Also don’t forget to keep your eyes pearled… I mean peeled for the new Burger Theory Restaurant getting ready to open its doors in Union Street! We just can’t get enough of these guys!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

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  1. Haha that comment about the two girls pashing made me choke on the water that I was drinking on! Mmm but after reading this I'm having some mad cravings for Burger Theory now - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WOMAN D:

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