Thursday, 15 August 2013

Good mornin', good mornin'... to you!

Another Sunday without a hangover in sight! There is no better feeling than when your eyes pop open and you are waiting to feel that ol’ bangin’ in your head, only to remember that wait… you stayed home last night and passed out in a tub of ice-cream while watching 500 Days of Summer. Hold your horses… have you done that? Because I certainly have not. Anyway, my point is that waking up on a Sunday morning without a hangover is almost as good a feeling as peeling the plastic off something you just bought. A blissful sense of achievement. And what better way to congratulate yourself on a job well done than brunch somewhere special?!

Chianti Classico is the ‘il President’ of Hutt Street, serving up the finest of Italian dishes since it opened its doors 25 years ago. Unlike other presidents however, oral pleasure isn't frowned upon but rather celebrated! Well known as a fine dining lunch and dinner locaish, Chianti has also built a reputation as one of the premium breakfast spots in Rad-town perfect for special occasions.  And a Sunday with no hangover felt like a good enough occasion to me!

I decided to go for the pancake with a hash brown on the side, S had the eggs benny with a hash brown and side of mushrooms and N ordered the most boring breakfast of all, poached eggs on wholegrain toast with butter and vegemite. Don’t you hate those friends who make you feel bad about what you order? They don’t remain ‘friends’ for too long!
I have to say that my breakfast simply was not what I dreamed. Some people dream of foreign cars and generous lovers… I dream of a perfect pancake.  Although the citrus-ey syrup and garnish was executed well the pancake itself was ridiculously egg-ey. I had to keep reminding myself that I was eating a pancake.. not a frittata. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I hate to say it but I think I made more pancake-ey pancakes when I was 7 and back then my mum use to cook the batter into mickey mouse shapes, so they pretty much kicked this pancakes ass in every way possible.

S said her eggs benedict was pretty good but nothing to write home about. She did however say that you could tell the hollandaise was made in-house so you’ve gotta give ‘em cred for that.
Okay so maybe the breakfast food was lacking in my books and certainly wouldn’t rival The Pantry on Egmont or The Loose Caboose. I would however like to give a shout out to the décor and service.  It cannot be denied that the white table clothes and rich wooden furniture make the place perfect for a special occasion kind of breakfast/brunch. I’m thinking anniversaries, birthdays and congrats-for-making-parole kind of events. The service is also impeccable with very attentive and friendly staff who never leave you with an empty glass. Speaking of glasses never empty, they serve alcoholic beverages, so I had myself a breakfast Bellini which was quite the treat!
Finishing off with a peppermint tea to relax and chat with my ol’ school friends,  Chianti Classico was a relaxing and enjoyable way to treat yourself on a Sunday morning. If only the food was as special as the rest of the venue! With breakfast places popping up all over town I think they need to work on the menu items in order to keep its highly regarded reputation. I mean, it’s a pancake for the love of all things holy, that hideously annoying character from the Pancake Kitchen does a better job!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

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