Monday, 12 August 2013

A room with a view...

Over the years Windy Point Restaurant and Café have earned themselves a rep for having consistently high standards in both food and service. This is the reason  why I was simply over the moon when I was kindly invited to dine at both of Windy Point’s impressive venues.
Deciding to take the café for a test drive first, we were seated at our table and totally bowled over by the stunning view. Overlooking the whole of Adelaide with twinkling lights as far as the eye can see, this has to be the most romantic spot in Adelaide. My dining partner and I couldn’t have been happier. Did I mention I took my sister along? Oh, the romance!
Starting with a baked organic sourdough loaf with local butter, roasted garlic and goats curd, this is the Cadillac of dinner rolls. With steam escaping between the slices of doughy goodness and a crust that packs a crunch, I couldn’t stop myself from devouring my half (and possible a bit of my sister’s half while she was in the bathroom. Sssshhhh!) This left me a little concerned about what room I would have left for my three courses to come! But hey, when it comes to food I’m all about the YOLO.
For entrée I went with the gnocchi which was an absolute pleasure. Billowing pillows of potato paradise in a rich cream sauce with pumpkin and peas, this was a dish to savour. Sometimes cream sauce gnocchi’s can be a touch too full-on for some but this was a beautiful flavour balance. I could have eaten a main serve of this bad boy and enjoyed every... last.... morsel! 
My sister went for the ham hock, parsley and fetta croquet with beetroot puree which she said took her back to a few tapas feasts down Las Ramblas. All that was missing was the Sangria jugs but luckily we had a couple of delightful glasses of wine to wash it down. 

Next up were mains and like Kieren Perkins in 1996 Atlanta, we were diving right in. As a lover of a fine piece of meat, I went with the 300g Scotch accompanied by a salty, fat chip Jenga. I wanted to challenge my sister to a game but mum taught me fairly early on not to play with my food. Kill Joy. The steak was cooked right on medium-rare as requested and you could simply taste the high quality of the meat. I’m usually an eye fillet girl so I wouldn’t say it was 100% ‘my jam’ but a flawless steak all the same and one I would undoubtedly order again.
 We also enjoyed a side of superbly seasoned greens consisting of peas and beans.  If my mum cooked greens like this when I was a youngster there wouldn’t have been so many ‘else you can’t have any ice-cream’ threats!
Speaking of dessert, like moths drawn to a chocolate-ey flame, my sister and I simply could not go past the Belgium Chocolate Slice with nut butter parfait and lemon meringue. An elegant dessert garnished with flowers, this dish would be fit for Prince George once his teeth come through. The lemon meringue was a chocolate brown colour however resulting in a sensory battle between sight and taste as to which element was which! This dish is certainly the stuff of a chocolate lover’s happy place. 
What a fantastic night it was. The food was nothing short of exquisite and the service was so attentive and friendly we left feeling just a little bit spoilt. Thanks again to the peeps at Windy Point Café for inviting me along and stay tuned for next week’s write-up on the restaurant. Just when you think things can’t get much better!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

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