Thursday, 18 July 2013

Crown you in my heart...

I love bakery food just as much as any former tubby teen. In fact I would take a trip to Port Elliot merely to wrap my lips around one of their chunky steak pies and then turn that car back around and cruise on home.

‘How was the beach?’ You’d ask. ‘Don’t know. Didn’t get a glimpse’ I’d say.

Working on Waymouth Street, I noticed that a lot of my work peeps were mungin’ into what appeared to be some ridiculously good lookin' cold rolls and when I found out they were from a bakery around the corner in Topham Mall, I was a touch confused. A bakery with cold rolls? I hate to get all Salt n Pepa on yo’ ass but ‘Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?’

Finally I put two and two together like the good further educated girl that I am, and realised it was a Vietnamese bakery. This… I had to see for myself. 

With a fairly average ‘classic deli’ kind of front, I thought that maybe I was in the wrong spot, assuming that this place was more of a day-old sausage roll and Farmers Union Coffee kinda place. Upon entering however, I see that like a man coming onto a lady-boi... I’d called it all wrong.
Straight to the fridge I saw a selection of generously sized cold rolls. I went with the chicken and it was without a doubt the best cold rolls I have ever consumed. Tasty chicken with crisp lettuce and onion, exploding at its rice paper seams with the freshest of noodles. All completed with a peanut sauce side which I’d be happy to drizzle over my cereal in the morning. This is something special.  Yummo! There's not a bad word I could say about this tasty and filling dish which will only set you back five bucks fifty!

Moving onto the baked goods (because the healthy factor of the cold rolls must be evened out by something equally as unhealthy) there is a pretty impressive range of donuts, muffins, finger buns and cookies. Straight from the oven, these tasty treats are fresher than the Prince of Belair. I went with a king donut because as the mattress king taught us ‘nobody beats the king!’ and I tell you what, it was patisserie perfection. A super doughy texture with an almost crispy outer layer topped with a sticky and rich chocolate icing. Now I understand the inspiration for the song ‘Your Love is King.’

This place is definitely a gem right in the middle of town which has managed to lure hoards of suits in from their surrounding offices. If anyone knows the word for a group of suits please let me know. A herd? A flock? A gaggle perhaps? Anyway, this my friends, is a perfect lunch especially when you’re getting change back from a tenner!

People are also going gangbusters for their Vietnamese rolls with many believe them to be the best in town. So you may just have to make a coupla' trips!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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