Thursday, 20 June 2013

Please sir... I want some more.

When a blessed hangover free Sunday rolls around it is time to grab the bull by the horns and ride it like you’re a promiscuous, twenty two year old girl who’s had a few too many cowboys at the Woolshed (I’m talking about the shot, not the man!). My bull, also known as my black Mazda 2 took us up to Lobethal for an afternoon of ……well….. food mostly.
A local company which seems to be creeping into beer fridges all over town is Bierhaus and when I heard they had their own cellar door /restaurant in ye ol’ town of Christmas lights, I decided to check that shiz out! With a super cute exposed brick exterior and a sprinkling of tables and benches out front, I was instantly impressed by the feel of the place and couldn’t wait to get inside and get-ta ordering.
I have to say I was a little disappointed when I moseyed on inside as I found the place not quite bursting with character as I expected. With tightly packed tables and a lack of personality pieces, it looked a little too much like any generic café in town. Just a bit blah.
Bierhaus has 10 beers on tap which are all brewed on sight. BRA to the VO local business, you are doing SA proud. I’ve never been much of a gal who enjoys a good brewski as my drinking origins of cruisers and goon sacks provided my further education into nicer wines and vodka sodas. I also held the belief that chicks who drink beer are bogans…. maybe not too far from the truth but I’m fairly assured that bogan isn’t contagious. Phewph!
I asked for the least beeriest beer they had on tap. Go ahead, roll your eyes… you know you want to! This was determined to be the Hefeweizen wheat beer. After the first few repulsive sips I really came around on it! My gal pal sipped on a India Pale which she described as ‘tasting like beer.’ Ahh, what beer connoisseurs we are.
We decided to go with a tasting plate type dish which seemed to have everything but the kitchen sink. At 18 bucks per person maybe they should have thrown in the kitchen sink as well! At that price you’d expect a pretty sizable platter right? What we got was not so much. We were served a normal sized plate that was fairly packed but nowhere near enough for our $36 bucks. We got one meatball, one croquette, one arancini ball and one small piece of frittata each with 2 dips, some bread and salad. Oh and some cold, dry chorizo that made my face scrunch up due to its ridiculous amounts of salt. 

There is nothing worse than being super hungry and keen for a feast only to walk away feeling unsatisfied. I felt a sudden urge to put my hands behind my head whilst I left the venue as I had the distinct feeling… we had been robbed. 

With that said I think we were a bit unlucky with what we ordered (blame it on me, my platter partner certainly did!). We saw pork belly, ribs and chicken wings that all looked sizable and delicious. This got me in a worse mood….

All in all the Bierhaus was a little bit disappointing for this slightly gluttonous gal. I’m sure however a return trip with a different order would change my opinion for the better.

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

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  1. I went here last year and had the vegetarian cottage pie, it was delicious! I fear that you seemed to have gotten a real bad dish or that they have gone downhill but definitely go back! My boyfriend LOVES their beers, and I totally felt the same about girls who drink beer. But then I became a beer drinker (if only occasionally. Vodka will always have my heart. Wheat beer is fairly good with an orange slice - just go with it)

  2. Yep totally need to get back there and try another dish. 10 local beers on tap which are brewed on sight is super impressive. Totally getting on the beer train too! Thanks for the comment Rachel!

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