Thursday, 13 June 2013

Our house… in the middle of Glen Osmond Road… Our house…

Always last minute organisers (my family anyway, certainly not I!) we were sitting in mum and dad’s kitchen the Wednesday night before Mother’s day discussing what plans should be made. Of course once the family finally get around to making plans they then turn to the ideas gal/organiser/overall good-looker to lock in a locaish (obviously I am talking about me… must I state the obvious?).  After a brief ring-around and a few 'all-booked-out-sorry’s’ I landed on Singapore House and considered ourselves pretty lucky to get squeezed in.

I’ve eaten at Singapore House once before and enjoyed it as much as a Die Hard movie: undeniably brilliant and a seriously good way to spend a few hours. ‘Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs’ – how could you resist?! We were only able to book outside which we decided to roll with, but as we were headed to the restaurant and the windscreen wipers were working overtime… we started to question our decision. Lucky for us, ‘outside’ isn’t really outside at all. It is more of an enclosed verandah which is separate from the rest of the dining room and about point five degrees cooler. This…. we could handle.
The interior of the restaurant is really a work of art in itself with intricate floors, rich wooden furniture and crisp white features. There is a pungent whiff of luxury and overall fancy pants-ness in the air.   

The menu has a selection of street food (smaller plates) and larger plates, all of which are perfect to share with the ones you love. Hey, share it with people you hate! It still tastes just as awesome and you can fill awkward silences by saying ‘yum,  yum, yum’ as you eat! Anyway my point is that the food is designed to share.

The definite highlights from our chosen fare were the pork belly and crispy beef. The pork belly was beautifully presented and oh-so-shareable, cut into small pieces which were cooked to precision and scored well on the pork-to-fat ratio. Singapore House can pork me any day of the week!
Sure you might be thinking ‘Crispy beef ain’t nothin’ spesh, you can get it at most places on Gouger Street.’ Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, you haven’t tried it at Singapore House. The beef was flawlessly cooked with it being crispy on the outside whilst still being tender on the inside and the sauce was thick and flavoursome. After my first bite I could hear my taste-buds screaming ‘welcome to the party pal!’.
The only minor disappointment was the honey pork ribs as I found them to be nothing astounding. I didn’t really like the flavour of the sauce and they were saucier than a woman wearing a school girl outfit when she is no longer school age appropriate. I feel like I have never been impressed by a rib in Adelaide. Anyone know of any great rib places I could try?
The whole family was super impressed by our dining experience at Singapore House. That even included dad who picked up the bill!

As John McClane would say 'Yippee-ki-yay Mother’s day!'

As MTC would say 'Until next time... Stay Rad-elaide'

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  1. I've never been to Singapore House before, but it looks nice. Especially the crispy beef & pork belly. Glad to hear they were both highlights, it's always disappointing when something looks so mouthwatering and then doesn't deliver.

    1. This place certainly delivers Tash! Can't believe you haven't been there! You gotta get there ASAP. Thanks for the comment.

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