Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Astonished? Not quite.

Astonish has been on my ‘desserts to-do’ list for far too long and last week we decided it was time to cross that bad boy off! ( And yes, I have a ‘desserts to-do’ list, what of it?) Astonish is a fairly inconspicuous late-night haunt on King William Street down the South Terrace end, with a cute black canopy to tell you where you are.
Walking into this little desserterie (yes, I made that word up) you instantly get a warm and cozy feel. The wooden floorboards, leather seats and fire place provide a welcoming winter sweet spot. My favourite part of the décor is Astonish’s library-state-of-mind. With books as far as the eye can see, this place is a paper jungle where dreams are made, oh? Wellll you catch my drift. The library vibe totally works.

Now onto the service. Please don’t get me wrong here, as the two girls that served us where totally lovely, very upbeat and completely welcoming. The only problem was that they were a little too over the top. Like so over the top that we could smell a slight whiff of desperation in the air. I wonder if maybe the customers had been few and far between the night of our visit? 

I am all for super friendly service and I think there is nothing better when a staff member initiating conversation outside of the usual, ‘what can I get you?’ and ‘is that cheque or savings?’ but I don’t need for the waitress to describe every element of the dish that they place in front of me. It went a little something like this: ‘as you can see this is your waffle and there is the nutella and here are the strawberries which are super fresh and here is a little dollop of cream… yaddda yadda yadda’ bit far, am I right? I would vote yes, unless of course you are unable to identify strawberries by yourself then this could have been super helpful!  Also, when clearing the plates the waitress asked us what we thought of each individual meal. Frankie told us to relax for a reason giiiiirlfriend!

Although it seems that people have a lot of promising things to say about Astonish, I found the food to be just fair. Not offensive, not impressive… just fair. The table ordered waffles with nutella, banana and caramel as well as the mocha and cheese crepe cake. I went with a  selection of macarons, none of which I would run back for (lets face it, it takes something very special to get this girl jogging). I found them to be a touch under cooked and my dessert-going-gang  found their meals to be too sweet. It was like someone had left a suspicious bag amongst the books and a sugar bomb had gone off up in there!

I feel like this place is onto a good thing but they are in need of a few tweaks here and there in order to survive in the Adelaide dessert scene. With amazing delectable dessert places popping up all over town the competition is as fierce as a photo of Tyra Banks. 'Smile with your eyes giiiiiirls!' I’d love to hear what your favourite dessert place is in town? Give us a comment and share!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide. 

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