Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A pocket full of posies.

Being a full-time student/part-time blogger, the fight against procrastination is as rife as our late night battles against devouring the tub of ice-cream in our freezers whilst watching The Biggest Loser. You’d think that show would put you off eating wouldn’t you? Oh the shame of it all.

Waking up on a particularly chilly Monday morning I knew that I needed to get up and at-em’ before I looked at the clock to find it was midday and I had managed to avoid all assignments, emails and write ups. In order to crank myself into gear I decided to hit up a bestie for breaky because nothing helps me get out of bed like the promise of a good bite and great company.

Rosey’s on Unley road was where we decided to head as it is one of my lady-friends favs and although I had a somewhat unremarkable experience there a while back, I was willing to give ol’ Rosey another go . On a cold and dreary morning one could think of nothing worse than sitting outside with their eggs and bacon but inside was full so there was no choice in the matter. Lucky for us it has a super pleasant set-up with heaters cranked and lush red blankets slung over the chairs to keep us toasty. Listening to the pitter-patter of the rain fall on the canvas above whilst tucking into a scrumptious meal, now this must have been the Winter Wonderland Billy Gilman was singing about!

Like I've said many-a-times before, I think the true test of a breaky place is whether they are able to make the simplest of orders into something special. I went with the Mylor rye bread with avocado and a side of smoked bacon. Row-ho-ho-rosey! DAMN GIRL! You know how to make me some super fine smashed av! This was a seriously delish meal with beautifully seasoned and perfectly ripe avo smash accompanied by fresh and crunchy rye bread. The crispy smoked bacon was as smokin’ as Mila Kunis but not quite as likely to look so bangin’ in a tutu. I understand that announcing ‘I have newly discovered smoked bacon and it rocks my world’ is probably as behind in the times as saying ‘hey guys, who wants my new beeper number?’ but this truly is a revelation for me. Rosey’s bacon = best bacon I’ve had to date.

As you can tell I was pretty bloody impressed by my Monday morning munch but there were three things that stop me from giving this place a full blown raver.

Number 1: The menu is not very extensive. Lucky for me on a breaky menu: you had me at Avo, but I can imagine some people would get there and find none of the menu items particularly hollerin’ their name.

Number 2: I made it back to Rosey’s the following week and ordered the same dish. It came out with sourdough instead of rye. Fair enough! You run out of rye, what can be done? But if it specifically details ‘mylor rye bread’ on the menu, then you are really not getting what you ordered. The least they could do in this sitch is let the customer know when they order instead of placing some sourdough between their knife and fork in the hopes they don’t notice.

Number 3: There's a small gym right behind Rosey’s. No one who has consumed so much their jeans are cutting into their sides enjoys waddling back to their car past a gym class filled with energized fitness goers. I prefer my breaky without a side of guilt please!

SO there you have it boys and girls….. Rosey’s is one of my new favourites and as I just relocated around the corner from this cute establishment, I believe that Rosey and I are going to be great friends. Who knows, I might even like her enough to switch teams.

Until Next time…. Stay Rad-elaide.

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    1. Thank very much! It's an awesome cafe!

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