Monday, 1 April 2013

West Side Story...

People are brunching like they have never brunched before and it became apparent to me last Saturday morning that many of these brunch-enthusiasts are heading over to the west side! (insert sweet west side hand gesture here because there ain't nothin' more hardcore than brunchin’) My tasting tour of Adelaide has not often sent me to this up-and-coming region but it seems that the west will be seeing more of my freckled face from this point on.

And the place that has lured me onto port road?…. The Loose Caboose. This café is a newish chompery which opened mid-way through last year and it is riiiiiiiight on the money honey. Firstly the décor is bright, fresh and eclectic with an undeniable scent of hipster wafting in through the doors of the trains which whoosh by. Did I mention it’s right on the Bowden Train Station? The large windows and outside deck provide a cheerful and open feel, perfect for a hungover Sunday where you need a pleasant place to nosh with the sunshine beaming in… reminding you that it’s not the end of the world that you called your ex bf 4 times in a row at 4.00am. FYI not a good look!

Firstly, this may be a little small-things-amuse-small-minds but they have a large porcelain sink set up where customers can help themselves to free filtered or sparkling water! I don’t know if it is just the inner bogan in me who is excited about free sparkling water but that’s a pretty cool little quirk I think!

So I decided to hit up a breakfast classic of poached eggs on toast with a side of avo because I believe - the true test of an outstanding breaky place is their ability to turn something basic into something memorable. Almost as insightful as the 'I have a dream' speech I know. Feel free to quote me on that one! Anyway, that is exactly what The Loose Caboose did with two eggs poached to perfection and avocado which was roughly mashed and superbly seasoned. The only complaint I had was the toast. This girl likes a bit o’ crunch to her toast but this took crunch to a whole other level… and not in a good way! I literally felt like an elderly woman hoping someone would assist me in cutting up my food into bite size pieces. When you are left with sore, worn out index fingers, you know something has gone amiss!

Since my maiden voyage I have been back a few times, checking out a number of menu munches. All of the meals seem to be just as you would like… with a hint of somethin’ special. Patron’s pointer: choose a meal of your own PLUS some choc-chip pancakes to share. These blissfully fluffy pancakes with choc chips the size of dollar coins SHOULD NOT be missed.

The Loose Caboose is officially one of MTC’s favourite places to breakfast/brunch/lunch/stuff-my-face-in-the-most-lady-like-manner-I-can-muster. So get on down and check it out!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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