Saturday, 13 April 2013

Base camp one.

Well is seems this happening city of ours has come down with a minor case of FOMO. 
 Melbourne has one. Sydney has one. Brissie has one. And now, 'the Fear Of Missing Out' has motivated a movement… Chocolateria San Churro has come to town! Chocolateria San Churro is located on the corner of Rundle Street and East Terrace. Although amongst the hustle and bustle of the East End, the businesses on this site over the years have so far seemed to lack in, well . . . customers. From my outing there last week however, it’s obvious the curse on this location is well and truly broken. Peeps were flooding through this dessert-ery like water through the Titanic!

Upon entering this bright and new sweets stop, I found a romantic little table in the back and perused the menu. For a place called ‘Chocolateria San Churro’ I was surprised at the vast variety of desserts they had on offer! My beautiful dining partner and I decided to get the Churros for two because, well… when in Rome! Or should I say Spain? Either way, like a virgin sticks to missionary, we thought as first-timers it would be wise to stick to the basics.

We were given the choice of two of the four accompanying sauces for our churros, so we went with the dark chocolate and caramel. I think we made a perfect choice as the dark chocolate was super smooth and rich whilst the caramel was gooey and thick with a faultless level of sweetness. The churros themselves however, left me a little confused. I wouldn’t say I’ve earned my Masters in Churros quite yet, but I have had a fair few of these rods of pleasure in my time (heads out of the gutter please.) These were thinner and crunchier than I have experienced and although I enjoyed the chomp and the flavour, I felt that it was let down by the lack of soft, doughnutty goodness inside. Without the contrast of crunchy and spongy: in my opinion, it’s just not cricket.

On this rather toasty night I opted for a cold hot chocolate. This ‘beverage’ was more of a chocolate custard than a liquid and was served with a generous scoop of their vanilla ice-cream.  Holy moly, this thing was unnecessarily huge! I didn’t even get through half of this bad boy and I’m the kind of woman who sees a big meal like a mountain climber sees Everest: something to be conquered.  Unfortunately just like Vitor Negrete, I was left for dead… Ouch!

Although my mind was not blown away by the churros, this place had a whole bunch of sweet treats worth ticking off your tummy’s to-do list. Next time, I’ll be ordering the ice-cream sandwich. Vanilla ice-cream between two soft chocolate cookies… umm couldn’t be keener mate!

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Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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