Friday, 5 April 2013

Not really sure how to feel about it... Something in the way you (slow) move.

The hottie patotties from Pantry on Egmont have started up another new bangin’ brunchin’/lunchin’ location right on Goodwood Road by the name of Ginger's Coffee Studio & Vintage Lounge Bar. This little bit of information pleased me immensely as it is super close to both my placement AND my abode. Hear those sirens? That is a danger warning as to the close proximity this place holds to my wallet and hips.

On a lovely mid-week lunch date (what a lucky woman I am) I decided that the only thing that would get me through another 5 hours at my desk is something super substantial. I decided to go with the burger. Oh, that burger. *lengthy pause while I reminisce on the beauty.* Ginger’s burger is the Claudia Schiffer of burgers, because I tell you, it is a beautiful thing. This burger needs to be charged with assaulting the confidence of other burger establishments in Adelaide, so I guess that makes this burger criminally good? Firstly, the bun is perfect; outstandingly fresh with a slight bit of sweetness to it. The toppings are top-notch with fresh tomart and lettuce and let us not forget the provolone cheese and the absolute mecca of a meat patty. All of this, topped with a jalapeno mayo that will make your toes curl in ecstasy. This burger is the Hamburglars wet-dream.

So from this read so far I’m sure you’re thinking ‘I can’t wait to get knuckles deep in this burg and see what other delicious morsels they have on offer.’ This is exactly what I thought which is why I decided to take my favourite (ok, only!) sister to Ginger’s for a little birthday brunch treat! WRONG MOVE! We were in a bit of a hustle as my sister had a hair appointment but figured we had enough time for a quick bite. We rocked up and promptly got someone’s attention as the quicker you order, the quicker you can expect your food. We ordered some basic poached eggs with our choice of side as to hopefully cut down on some of the waiting time.

If this brunch experience was a scene from a movie it would go a little somethin’ like this.


Buxom redhead (that’s me incase you were wondering): Ok we’ve ordered, I’m sure it won’t take too long for a few eggs. So are you TOTES going to pash him at your birthday drinks like OMG?

(Fast-forward 45 minutes later. The two girls sitting at their table. Both looking very razzed up and one frantically texting her hairdresser saying she is going to be half an hour late)

Where's my food at??

And believe me, like the new episodes of ‘Two and a Half Men,’ it all goes downhill from there. My sister and I are ridiculously reasonable customers because we both work in hospitality and would never want to be ‘that customer.’ After politely asking how long the meals would be, the lass went to check and said they would be another 5 minutes. 10 minutes later, the meals arrived which brought the grand total up to 50 minutes waiting time for two serves of poached eggs. Ouch! But it didn't stop there... Oh no, my sister then found a 15 centimetre long hair wrapped around the garnishing greenery! She alerted the waiter of this hairy situation (pun intended) and the conversation went a little something like this:


Sister: I’m sorry I’ve found a long hair in my food.
Waiter: It looks like your hair.
Sister: Ahhh, well it’s not.
Waiter: Well it’s not from any of our chefs, it must just be from the fruit and veg people.
Sister: Riiiight
(Awkward silence)
Waiter: did you want a free drink of something?
Sister: Don’t worry about it. I’m running late.

WHAT! Was this guy for realssss? I am not the kind of person to go on a rant and rave about bad service but this was really appalling. The bare minimum for a hair-in-the-food-sitch, is an apology and we didn’t even get that! Also the breaky was barely breaking average. The eggs were adequately poached but they merely came with one slice of white toast cut in half and the avocado was literally just a half scooped out of its skin, lacking in freshness, without even being sliced or mashed or seasoned in any way. Like I said… av.

Ginger’s is an extra hip new café which is right down my ally in terms of style, décor and an overall feel good vibe. With this cool place just around the corner from my living quarters I predicted this to be my new local because let’s face it, us redheads need to stick together. But it seems my premonition was way off. I’m not the person to say that I am never coming back because that burger is likely to appear in my dreams and I am not one to hold a grub-grudge but I'd be reluctant about returning. I’m guessing the new renos which have basically quintupled the size of the joint (that’s right, quintupled) have put a real strain on the kitchen resulting in long waits and it could have just been an off day for the dude that served us.

So there you have it. It was a disappointing state of affairs but let’s hope it was just a once off!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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  1. The pantry rocks all over gingers so much that it's hard to believe that they come from the same team. Between mu sisters and I our bad experiences at gingers by far outnumber the good. The pantry has been fantastic every time.

    1. I'd definitely agree with that! Always been super impressed by The Pantry. It's such a shame Ginger's doesn't seem to keep up the same excellent standards!! Thanks for sharing Tatum.

  2. I want to try Gingers, but the thought of driving on Goodwood Rd, 8-9am on a Saturday puts me off immediately That said, the Pantry is like 3 minutes from my house- very convenient, and like Tatum says- they're awesome.
    Have you been to The Stranded Store- they're good as well :-)

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