Tuesday, 26 March 2013

It's Goooooooood on Goodwood.

I am finally two thirds of the way through my official PLT placement and although I am very much enjoying the experience and learning a shit-tonne (apparently I still haven’t learnt how to speak like a lady) the pockets are getting veeeeery light. I think I pulled out a tumble weed last time I was fishing in there.

A factor that isn’t helping my mini-economic crisis is the temptation from the next-door neighbour, Whisk Patisserie. Whisk is a bright and clean patisserie which is almost as inviting as Meryl Streeps bakery in ‘It’s Complicated.’ Best… Movie… Ever. The crisp black, white and yellow colour scheme perfectly matches the smell of freshly baked flan. Yum-meee! The finer details of the place such as the lead light windows and paved floors, all add to the patisserie’s overall charm.

The glass cabinet which runs down the length of this cute-as-a-button croissant-ery is filled to the brim with flans, tarts, strudels, croissants, panini’s and all the sweet pastries you could dream of. On my last trip I ordered a savoury tart of smoked bacon, cheddar and onions. It was perfectly cooked with a crumbly crust, it was super flavoursome and well let’s face it, anything with bacon is a winner, right? I have also had a crack at the classic cheese and ham croissant and it was good, but you know…it was a ham and cheese croissant. I’ve never had a ham and cheese croissant that has made me want to take my clothes off and streak through the quad. Have you?

My newest work friend indulged in one of the savoury flans with sautéed field mushrooms, baby spinach and cream cheese. She reported that she ‘really enjoyed it.’ See why I like to dine with foodies who can describe their food with real adjectives? It makes my job a bunch easier!

Recently however I have fallen head over Havaianas for their latest menu item: banana and nutella toastie served with maple syrup and cream. It is actually a bit healthier than it sounds, served with crunchy wholemeal bread. It takes me back to the days when I would make toasties after school which were exploding at the crust with half a jar of Nutella. Was it ever a wonder why I was porker in middle school??

There are also a vast array of sweet treats that we couldn't say no to!

Whisk is a lovely place to enjoy a sweet or savoury treat, but basically all the items are ready and raring to go so don’t expect this patisserie to necessarily cater for your personal taste.

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide

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