Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Every day I get in the queue. To get on the bus that takes me to you...

One of the hottest new things in Rads right now is its pop-ups. This town has got more pop-ups than a kid with its first jack-in-a-box and just like that easily amused little tacker, our interest shows no signs of wavering. 

Now I’m no great cook, and at times recipes can seem a little like a foreign instruction manual than a means of making a bite. However, it’s pretty clear that if you take a hot ingredient like ‘pop-ups’ and mix it with the even hotter component that is ‘food trucks’ and then proceed to add a dash of live music and a pinch of alcohol service, you can just go ahead and bake that mutha for 45 minutes to an hour and come out with the best bloomin’ Party Pie you’ve ever tasted!  Oh and did I mention that after sitting on a rack to cool you can then decorate with pallets and crates? The hipster topping of the decade!

Well if you have your finger on the Adelaide pulse as much as I tell myself I do, then you know that I am talking about the Pop-up, food truck party location that is 'The Depot’! I have made it my mish to get to as many of the Pop-up Fringe venues as possible this year and I am super pleased I hit up The Depot this week cause it was a load of fun.

Once we snatched up a cider and perused the vintage threads we were off to the main event… and by the main even, I clearly mean the food. Duh! I was keen as Mexican beans to check out the much talked about La Cantina Co. Quesadilla, tacos and burritos are on this eateries muchin’ menu and with the tacos at $4.50 each I thought I might just get two. When ordering  the lady informed me that I could get three for 12 dollars and that I would be ‘saving money’ if I went with the triple deal. I’m not sure how paying an extra three bones, not to mention the extra calories is saving anything but hey, you can’t hold an upsell attempt against them! The tacos were very flavoursome with their Mexican spices, one was pork and potato with coriander and pineapple salsa; the other was a chicken “al carbon’ with pico de gallo and sour cream. I figure ‘pico de gallo’ means processed Mexican rainbows ‘cause it tasted pretty damn good but hey, I could be wrong on that one. 

All up, especially at 9 shmackola’s, I was definitely satisfied by quantity and quality. If I saw this truck parked on the street I certainly wouldn’t walk past avoiding eye contact like a dude you dirty dancefloor pashed last Friday night. With that said, after the pork perfection I experienced last week at Miss Mexico, maybe people are talking up this place a touch? What do you guys think?

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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