Wednesday, 27 February 2013

All my broads is foreign...

There are a lot of bars in Adelaide at the moment who are suffering from middle child syndrome. If these bars could talk (and no, it doesn’t count when you are looking down the rim of your 8th vodka soda and you could have sworn you heard the walls whisper ‘message your ex’) then they would be cracking the shits over what little attention they have been getting lately. I believe we would all hear ‘look at me, look at me!’ and ‘you love Miss Mexico better than me.’ Well it is time to calm down kids because rest assured there is enough of mumma (and her drinking) to go around!

Everyone who is anyone is instagram-ing, tweeting, tagging and statusing about this new hotspot and it was time to see what all the fuss was about! Arriving just after 6 on a Tuesday night my possie and I were greeted by filled seats and a lively atmosphere. I am using the term ‘seat’ fairly loosely as just like every other hip-hang, there are pallets and crates as far as the eye can see. You'd think that these think-outside-the-box creative types would be able to come up with more than... well, a box! Just once I would like to walk into a happening location and perch myself on... I don't know, a chair? Or some other sitting device that doesn't start hurting your 'fanny' after 15 minutes. Yes, my fellow dining friend called it a fanny. This is one american term that does not translate well.

When we were lucky enough to scooch ourselves into a free corner we got a chance to take this place all in. It really is…awesome! An amazing set up with pretty lanterns, bright vibrant colours, surrounded by beautiful rustic walls and let us not forget the smell of pulled pork dancing on our nostrils!

Even with this watering-hole being as busy as it was, there was just a short wait for drinks and nosh. No complaints there! My friends ordered a coupla’ burritos and I got on board with a deconstructed taco. I’m talking corn chips, pulled pork with potato, salsa, sour cream and guacamole. This pork was melting in our mouths with a flavour which could rival any of the Mexican restaurants in Rads. Satisfaction guaranteed for $12.50? Hells to the yeee-aaah. The food in our cardboard bowls disappeared faster than a jack rabbit looking down the barrel of a sawn off shotgun. Simple translation – we inhaled it.

This Little Miss Mexico is perfect for a quick eat in the week, a weekend day session in the sun, and I have also heard that a D-floor cranks up at night so it really wins the all-rounder award for best new comer! That’s right! I said it, I meant it, I’m here to represent it! It’s one of MTC’s top choices for the crazy season and youuuzzz should all go check it out ya hear?

Until next time... Stay Rad-elaide.

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