Friday, 4 January 2013

Hey Juuuuuuuuu-piter.

Like Dean Martin used to sing... As sure as the stars above, you’re nobody till somebody brunches with you… or at least that’s how it seems in Adelaide these days! So for heaven’s sake, find somebody to brunch! And once you’ve finally found that special boy or girl, or in my case two girls, because I have always been bad at portion control, what better place to head than the brand-spanking, Hey Jupiter? Ebenezer Place is thriving these days so get-on down there and soak up a side of hipster with your coffee. You’ll be lucky if you make it out alive without a ‘stache and bowtie!

Upon entering Hey Jupiter you can see that they have really nailed this place in terms of the décor and the vibe. With a herd of antique mirrors filling the walls and sleek wooden furniture on which to perch, this place is an eclectic symphony. The owners of this cute-as-a-button-café moved to Adelaide from Melbourne with the plan to open up their dream eatery. That’s right, some people ACTUALLY move from Melbourne to Adelaide, not just the other way around! Say Whaaaa?!?

The food, glorious food, however is what really makes this place the talk of the town. I nibbled (read as inhaled) a fresh and buttery croissant which could rival the pastries of France whilst my lovely ladies indulged in a focaccia and the continental breakfast. I would have to say that the continental breakfast was certainly the show-stopper with its petite and sweet jars of jam and a selection of breads and accompaniments. This little whole-in-the-wall has got me sold.

So next time you’re shopping on Rundle Street, take some time and have a capt’n cook, maybe even sit outside with a croissant and pretend you’re on the streets of Pari! Oui, oui!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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