Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Would you like them in a house? Would you like them with a mouse?

Well Gouger Street was calling me again… and he just called..to say.. he loves me. Oh and that I better get off my lazy ass and get on with this stamina testing, sweat inducing, belly bursting, wallet depleting challenge that is the Gouger Street Challenge.

If I am completely honest, Marquis is one of the Gouger Street eateries that I have been putting off a bit. Not for any reason other than it is pretty pricey and mama’s gotta buy herself some new bathers for the beautiful beach days coming up soon! Lucky for me, one of my smart thinking besties discovered that Marquis is open for breaky! What a much cheaper way to enjoy such a fine eatery! So we got our walkin’ shoes on and trundled into town.

The eatery is a stunning open room divided by a wall of shelves packed with a vast selection of wines. On this bright and warm morning the room was filled with sun streaming in from the huge windows lining the front and side wall creating an atmosphere which was upbeat and vibrant yet relaxing.

My dining partner and I decided to go with the classic bacon and eggs, like a well-tailored tux… it never goes out of style. However, I was a tad disappointed as my poached eggs were over cooked and sadly, if you bugger that little part up, you might as well do a Gordon Ramsey and just pick up the plate and smash it against the wall yelling ‘this is bollocks!!!’ I don’t think it is too much to ask to get a perfectly poached egg, but in my life as an Adelaide breakfast floozy it seems that it is. Bit of a tear jerker I know, but an easy mistake to make!

Now don’t get too down about it, no need to drown your sorrows in that bottle of vodka in your freezer because the rest of the dish was superb. The bread was fresh and crunchy, the bacon was cooked to perfection and the asparagus was super flavoursome. My only suggestion is that they invest in a juicer. Sipping from a Spring Valley jar I thought brought down the high level of sophistication in the décor and service. Other than that, it was a really enjoyable experience and worked out to be cheaper than other breakfasts about town while providing a much more special and classy atmosphere. Next time however, they better use an egg timer.

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide

Oh and you may have noticed that I have purchased a brand spanking new camera with all the whoozits and whatzits one person could ask for. So the iphone photos will be getting a bit of a faze out... as soon as I work out how to use this bad boy!

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