Monday, 10 September 2012

Oodles of Noodles

Well it appears that the beautiful spring weather was over as quickly as a premature ejaculation but just because it was over almost before it started, doesn’t mean it wasn’t enjoyable. Am I riiiiiight? As part of the ol’ Gouger Street Challenge (a challenge of all challenges, if anyone ever saw a challenge) I have found myself a superb summer time eatery.

I have never been one for mixing my liquids with my solids (my brain starts saying ‘hold up, are we eating or drinking here girl?') However I was truly converted when I got my hands on the dumpling soup at Noodle Kingdom. A bowl full of tasty soup goodness with freshly, in-house-made noodles and crazy tasty pork dumplings. It’s like three meals in one and is super cheap at only 11 bucks!

Now don’t let me talk this place up too much. Besides the heartstoppingly good dish I have spoken of (and a few other gooduns containing their yummy home-made noodles) the other aspects of the eatery won’t exactly bowl you over. I consider myself to be extra friendly to waitresses as I am a hospitality slave myself but this friendliness certainly wasn't returned by the staff. For a split second I was confused as to who was actually getting paid to be nice until I realised that it certainly wasn’t me! If the customers are nicer than the employees I say it’s time to get a little Donald Trump on their behinds. That’s right, ‘You’re fired!’

So, hot soup on a hot day you ask? Really? When I went to Vietnam a few years ago I couldn’t believe all the locals eating hot soups outside on the street while I was sweating like a grape picker in search of a cold roll and some aircon action. But I have finally seen the pleasures of eating a hot soup outside on a hot day!

So when the weather cranks up again. You know where to go!

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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