Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's about time I met you...

It can’t be denied that Adelaidians have fallen in love with Wasai Japanese Kitchen. I really can’t believe that last week was the first time that I stepped through the doors of this top-notch eatery but I was pleased to have finally made it, and to find out what all the fuss is about!

The décor of this place is clean and simple. A design which is welcoming and pleasing on the eye. A great backdrop for relax-a-vous-ing and taking in the scenery. And by the scenery I mean the jaw droppingly beautiful food.

Now although I would certainly consider myself more of a dining driver as opposed to passenger (I wear the pants in my dining relationships), I was eating with two seasoned Wasai customers so I decided to take a backseat on the ordering. To be honest, I’m not even too sure of exactly what we ate, but I do know one thing for sure, it was good! I really enjoyed their Chicken Meatball Noodle Soup with it's tasty broth and super tender meat. My real favorite however was the Aburi Salmon Sushi which really takes sushi out of this galaxy and into the next. This ain’t no teriyaki chicken handroll! You’ve got the lightly seared salmon, the avocado, the crab, the delectably creamy Japanese mayo and a light drizzle of teriyaki sauce on top. It just works! Well for me anyway, not so much for one of my dining partners who only realised halfway through that there was crab in the dish. Did I mention she’s allergic? Well mistakes are made and rashes are had. It’s all part of the journey I say!

Although the food is through the roof kinda good, it is still super affordable too! So really, how can you go wrong with this place? So I tell you Adelaide, you got it right, and like Arnie Shwarts says…. ‘I’m getting me a 20-year-old Honey’ oh wait, wait no I mean young Arnie, that’s right… ‘I’ll be back!’

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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  1. Hands down, my favourite Japanese eatery in the whole of Adelaide! Nothing beats that salmon aburi roll.. and the deluxe sushi and sashimi boat! :)~

  2. Absolutely. I have heard a lot of good things about Kenji too which is still on the hit list!

    1. I guess you should fire up and try Kenji for sure cos I loved it sooooooooo much. Very good innovation on sushi.

    2. I sure must! I've heard it's rather pricey though so better start saving!

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