Sunday, 5 August 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly... They've done it again!

If you are a firm believer that lightning never strikes twice then you better get down to The Franklin Hotel and prepare to be proven wrong. The owners of the coolest-kid-on-the-block The Wright Street Hotel have now taken over The Franklin Hotel and have given it a jaw-dropping, much needed facelift. This place is now nothing short of ridiculously snazzy with its rustic chic vibe and if you think I am being overly complementary regarding the décor, please read on dear followers, cause I am just about to start on the food!

The menu at the Franklin is a little like a pub and a tapas bar got together and made a baby. I’m thinking a really good looking baby like the Olsen Twins circa Full House. The menu consists of ‘Small Plates’ all of which can be described as right on the mark and I should know, because I’m pretty sure I’ve tried them all!

Often when indulging in smaller share plates one can find that the bill adds up faster than Phelps in the water. This is certainly not the case at this fine noshery as you can feed yourself to the brim for less dosh than a classic pub meal with much tastier and better quality food! MTC's top menu picks: The semolina gnocchi and the pork buns. What can I say? I’m a girl who loves to get a bit o’ pork on her fork, especially pork that is this yumgasmic. Thats right, it is so good it earnt itself a made-up word. The Olympic gold, however, must be awarded to the braised lamb shoulder. This dish has meat so tender it could bring a tear to the eye of even the toughest of meat lovers. What a treat!

With the high standard The Franklin has set for itself and the fact that this place is so new, I worried it wouldn’t meet my expectations the second time 'round. But I can tell ya now, it sure did. For the sake of in-depth research I felt it was my duty to go back a third time. Same great food. Oh and the fourth time… well who am I kidding, that visit was just for me!

Although the food is as appetising as Brad Pitt with his top off, it’s not the only winning aspect of this establishment. I am also a big fan of their cocktail jars. Always a few different crazy concoctions that are ever changing and always delectable. The party vibes are already starting to crank up at this new city hotspot and if the Wright Street Hotel is anything to go by, this place is going to be busting at the seams faster than you can say Indiana Jones. So get down there now before you have to muscle your way to the bar.

Until next time... Stay Rad-elaide

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