Thursday, 19 July 2012

Playin' my records, keep dancin' all night.

Well hip, hip hooray and happy birthday to me! (If I don’t say so myself) Last week was my birthday and I have turned the big TWO FIVE. That’s right. Quarter of a century – little achieved. Sure, I could have stayed at home and moaned over how I am now 25, been studying for more than seven years and am yet to have a degree tucked under my belt. And let’s face it, Lesley Gore was right when she said ‘It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to,’ but that is simply not my style So to celebrate I organised copious amounts of Asian deliciousness and wine… oh the wine. My headache just came back.

I went with something a little different for the quarter century and decided on a Gouger Street dinner followed by drinks out on the town. Oh yes, I hope we know each other well enough by now my followers to realise that I am being completely sarcastic as every single person I know celebrates their birthday at a BYO Gouger Street eatery. But hey, I’m too good looking to generate original ideas.

Ky Chow was the chosen location for said festivities and I got to kill two birds with one stone because it is another restaurant knocked off the Gouger Street challenge! Two birds with one stone. Predictable use of a common saying, that’s right, I’m too good looking for original thought. So for the table of 14 I was in charge of ordering for the gang. Maybe this job was given to me because I was the birthday girl but I’d like to think it’s because I have officially earnt myself a gold medal in the sport of ordering. (As a direct result of this training however, I am never going to win gold in any legit sports) Or maybe it was because I told everyone I was. One can’t be too sure.

So I ordered an array of tasty dishes such as salt and pepper squid, BBC, steamed greens, crispy duck and the list goes on. All of which were unfaultable. Very hot, tasty and right on the mark like Modra. The only minor quarrel I had was with the sizzling Cantonese steak. This dish kind of cooks on the sizzling pan after it is put on the table and the pieces of steak were bigger than average and as a result the meat was super rare and just not as good as many I have had in the past. I was also disappointed as the shallot pancakes which I ordered for entrée didn’t come out till mid-way through the meal. I am totally down with the whole Asian eatery mentality of it comes out when its ready and you better roll with it but I just thought having a table of 14 with one clear entrée and then a wide selection of mains they would be able to put that pastry deliciousness out first. But hey, I roll with the punches and it certainly did not affect the experience.

Super pleased that I picked this place for the birthday bash and super unpleased that I doused myself so profusely with the BYO wines. Sunday… was… hell. My breath smelt like unleaded. Now just to make it clear how much I liked this place, I am giving it the title of one of the top three restaurants on Gouger Street so far. Sure, so many of the restaurants on the street are similar with their vibes and menus and Ky Chow is no exception. But… this one was a cut above the rest in terms of décor and food quality. Oh and if anyone is celebrating a birthday they will turn off all the lights and bring out deep fried ice-cream with a candle in it while the whole restaurant sings you happy birthday. No, that wasn’t embarrassing at all.

Until next time… Stay Rad-elaide.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a fantastic feast amongst your loved ones, can't ask for anything more on a special occasion. :)