Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Chinatown Shuffle

If you haven’t been to Chinatown Café then you either a) don’t live in Adelaide or b) you’re currently in a coma. Everyone raves about this place and I can certainly see why! Located just on Moonta Street (stroll past the golden lions and you’re on your way) this place is super-fast, super easy and super-duper delish. And for that, this fantastic little café has earned itself some serious die hard regulars. I’m talking people who would divide their diet into: meat, vegetables, carbohydrates and Chinatown Café meals. I have literally had this conversation more than once...
Me: Hey! Enjoying your lunch?
Someone I know: Oh yeh, loving it. I come here like every day!
Me: Oh really? Is your office close by?
Someone I know: Nah I work in Norwood, I just drive down here cause I love it.
Yep that’s right. Die hard fans.

Now remember, you must follow the right steps to the Chinatown Café dining dance. First you grab a beverage from the fridge to accompany your cheap and delicious meal… Then you order and pay at the counter where you are allocated a table… Then before parking it in your spot you swing by the side table and collect eating utensils and any condiments you desire. Did someone say chilli oil and soy sauce?! Yes please!… then you put your right foot in and you shake it all about... Sorry, sorry I got the wrong dance on that last step! You better remember to follow those moves too, cause these ladies don’t have time to muck about! They like to get their customers in and out at the speed of the Southern Expressway and I worry that breaking this strict dance may result in a ‘no laksa for you!’ Soup Nazi response so you better take my directions seriously!

And to add to its amazingness, this place is a cheap as an anorexic date so please, if you are one of the eight people left in Adelaide who has never been. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

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  1. China Town Cafe is good, fast and cheap. Their Hainanese chicken rice (breast meat) is great but I find their laksa a little too watery for my taste.

    1. Oh yes, the Hainanese chicken is definitely a dish of theirs which you just can't go past! Thanks for the comment Christina.