Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A feast fit for a king.

Next door down on our infamous eat street:BBQ City. The people of Adelaide seem to love this restaurant as much as teen girls love Zac Efron. I can almost hear the chanting ‘We want Zac' from the gathering outside his hotel right now, so by the comparison you can see just how crazy people are for this place!

The night of my visit to this gastronomic hot-spot was surprisingly warm, so we snagged a table out the front, which was the perfect place to ogle at the line which started to build. At 8.30pm on a Wednesday night there was a line as long as the River Nile. Ok, ok so maybe not that long, but it was long! I didn’t know anywhere in Adelaide had a line on a Wednesday night except maybe the emergency ward?

So we ordered the standard fare: shallot pancakes, salt and pepper squid, honey chicken and fried rice. I would have liked to try something a little more adventurous but my dining partner displayed nothing but an expression of confusion when I suggested alternatives. Suffice to say... we played it safe. I’ll tell you what- the decor made me feel like I was eating in a dodgy food court but the food made me feel like I was dining in a top-notch restaurant. What a delight! Super tasty classics at a super cheap price! ……………………. What is that silence? Oh yeh, that is me not complaining.

As well as the cheap eats, BBQ City’s wine list has to be among the most inexpensive in town. You’ll only be forking out $6.50 for a glass of Sav Blanc with a pour that could drown a horse. I couldn’t believe how full the glasses were and after two rounds it certainly took me a few goes getting the key in the house lock! Lucky I wasn’t driving.

At this place, you get what you pay for...and then some. Service is pretty average but hey, we are going there for a Chinese feast, not to be served like Hu Jintao! Four juicy malls balls out of five.

Until next time... Stay Rad-elaide

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