Thursday, 5 January 2012

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream. And that's kind of the same thing.

I’ll tell you what Adelaide. It is HOT! And although Marilyn Monroe suggested that ‘Some like it hot’, I am not one of those people! I, like most people in this fine city of ours, have been searching for a suitable way to beat this summer heat and I may just have found the perfect solution… ICE CREAM! Ice cream and a set of bathers providing adequate coverage, of course. And where better to get it than at the lovely area of Semaphore. This unique and upcoming area of Rad-town goes off in summertime, when the weather is fine and you possibly have women on your mind. The almighty Copenhagen has just opened up on Semaphore Road, a stones throw from the beach, and I was rearing to get down there and check it out.

By golly this place does not disappoint! The ice cream is delightful, delicious, delectable and straight up scrumptious. My personal favourites are Royal Copenhagen and Mint Chip and I’m a girl who sticks to what works so please speak to someone else for further recommendations as there are plenty of flavours to choose from. But please be warned: this place is no straight forward ice cream parlour. It is the home of many other tasty treats and you may find yourself mulling over the menu for many-a minutes trying to decide between ice cream, waffles, hot doughnuts and other devilishly delicious desserts.

Ok, ok so some may claim that I am bias regarding this establishment as one of my dearest friends is the owner of this fine ice-creamery. BUT may I go on the record saying that I was an avid eater of Copenhagen ice cream from the days when I would go down to the bay after school in my boardies and my super cool Gallaz with rainbow shoe laces. So there.

So when the temperature soars, jump in an air-conditioned car and cool down with a treat from one of the most beautiful women you will ever meet. x

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