Monday, 12 September 2011

Got a fifty doller bill put ya hands up!

Like a kid at Christmas (or me in a shoe shop) I was very excited about hitting up the next dining delight on my Gouger Street trek. A food trek beyond all reasonably sane proportions, and let’s get real here, it’s likely to be the only kind of trek I experience in my life. Next up... drum roll please... Cafe Kowloon!

Wowsers! This dinner was more eventful than the last Olympic Games! Within the duration of our meal we had a homeless man ask us for money (did I mention we were sitting inside?), an up-close and personal half hour show of crabs being relocated from box to tank (all I needed was some commentary by David Attenborough) and an attack from our dining friend, the mop! Yes that is right, it all happened! And yes, that is correct, a booking at this place gets you a table right up the front, next to the mop they have leaning against the aquariums. How special we felt.

Ok, ok so it doesn’t sounds like a great dining experience so far, but how about the food I hear you questioning from your computer screens. The food was actually pretty tasty. Ahhh what a relief, something nice to say! The menu selection was very impressive and I recks it would take about a year to try it all! Very tasty salt and pepper eggplant - get on that. On another downer though, service was slow, and by that I mean we were sitting with our plates in front of us for an hour before we were asked if we had finished. I mean come on! That’s like eight hours in a fast paced Asian restaurant, or in dog years!

Ok, so I wouldn’t say this bustling Chinese restaurant left me wanting more like the end of a Grey’s Anatomy episode circa 2006, but I don’t want to be too harsh. Dinner for two, with two alcoholic beverages each came to 48 bucks. At that price they could have slapped me in the face and called me Susan and I still wouldn’t have complained. BUT, it IS Gouger Street, so if you’re not impressed, just try next door!

So in the words of one of my idols, Bob Dylan (early Bob Dylan of course) It ain’t me babe, it ain’t me you’re lookin’ for babe... But don’t fret my devoted followers, I’m not getting down about this one, there’s many more impressive restaurants to be found on the Gouge! Stay tuned…

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