Sunday, 4 September 2011

Dictionary meaning: Mistress or amazing Peking wraps...

Next stop on the Gouger Street mission, a place I was yet to check, CONCUBINE. The way I figure... If I’m going for a pricey dinner, I’m more inclined to choose some top-notch Italian or exquisite tapas. I don’t often go for costly Asian food as there are plenty of other cheap Asian restaurants on the street that are scrum-tastic, many of which have superbly low BYO charges. Booze hound? Hey, you decide. BUT, in the spirit of the Gouger challenge, I thought, yes please, an excuse to spoil myself. (Not that I’m the kinda gal who needs an excuse but hey, I’ll pretend!)

Concubine is a delightful, cosy place and is perfect for those cold winter days where you feel you may have to put things in the fridge to warm them up. And ohh la la this place sure has a little touch of swank! I spent the first five minutes wondering where the plastic table cloths were hidden but alas, none to be found! The gorgeous dark wooden panels and floral wallpaper gives the restaurant an individual look and the lanterns spotted around the rooms took me a-back to my trip to China earlier in the year. My tastebuds were screaming for dumplings upon my first scan of the room!

The menu consists of authentic Chinese dishes made from locally sourced produce, and wowee they know how to do it right! I absolutely loved the Peking duck wraps as well as the pork belly which I kept stealing from CC’s plate. (Food order jealously - a fate worse than death) I almost enjoyed the chow as much as the fly who just kept on coming back for more, swooping our plates like a magpie swooping innocent primary school kids at the playground. PUT ON A HELMET!

Over CC’s pork belly she decided it was time to break some shocking news to me. “Did you know the facebook creator guy has a GIRLFRIEND? I’m so DEVO” Jeez, what a heart breaker CC, I’m glad I heard it from you...

The service was an absolute delight, very attentive in a not over-the-top manner. On my way up to the ladies I caught a glimpse of their private dining room: perfect location for a refined birthday celebration. Now I’ll just have to source some classy friends!

Until my next post, stay classy Adelaide.

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  1. I'm glad you gave it a go, I've been curious. You had me at pork belly... Yuuummmm.

  2. Definitely check it out. Hits the spot ever time!