Tuesday, 28 June 2011

You've got to be rich to have a swing like that.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if there was a place they could indulge in a schnitzel AND practice their golfing skills at the same time I'd be...well, I'd have a dollar! It may not be something you are necessarily searching for, but the Tap Inn Hotel at Kent Town is certainly worth 'swinging by' and checking out. This schmick hotels decor screams golf everywhere you look. From the golf bag bars to the golf balls on the walls, this place sticks to its theme with impressive discipline.

I'll give this hotel props for some pretty decent pub food as Madog, the parmy master, held no complaint over his schnit and I, the 'hot chip connoisseur' was unable to hold much conversation whilst tucking in. I would give the meals a score of 'below par' which in a golf themed hotel would mean about average? Is it obvious I am not an avid golfer?

The staff appeared capable and caring however when ordering we did get the ol' I'm-taking-your-order-but-I'm-also-distracted-by-the-conversation-I'm-having-with-my-friends-at-the-bar bit. A not-so-rare practice which I consider to be a bit of an airshot. With this aside, the service was fine.

As long as you're not too clumsy with a club, this definitely beats the ol' dinner-and-movie date plan where you awkwardly wait for the fated moment where he cranks out the old yawn-and-arm over technique. No uncomfortable moments on this outing where you can have a chat over a schnitty and then hit the green for some seriously fun activity time.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to yell 'FORE' if any balls go off course as I can imagine clobbering a gentleman in the head with a golf ball is an effective way to ensure he forgets to call you again, and no I don't mean as a result of the amnesia you have triggered with the head injury.

After you enjoy your half hour golfing time which costs 20 bucks you can hit up the 19th hole for a well-deserved cider. And I've gotta say it (because no one else will) I showed some real talent. A few more sesh's at the Tap Inn and I'll be swinging like Tiger!... I'm referring to his golf swing of course.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Tiger Woods has that exact same swing, if only he could play without pants also.

  2. I think my swing puts Tiger to shame!

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