Sunday, 19 June 2011

Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth

There is nothing worse then turning up at the hairdressers at 5.45pm only to discover that your appointment is actually 6.45pm. Hmm an hour to kill without an open shop in sight. What to do? What to do? As I pop the collar on my coat and prepare to walk the cold streets alone for an hour, I see something that I have never seen on King Willy before. Could it be? Like a mirage appearing in a desert at a moment of desperation, I glace over to see a new 'Dumpling King'! What a win.

Unlike the Dumpling King in china town, table service was provided. The staff were 'smiley' and upbeat and hey, I'd be pretty pleased too if I worked at a place where the number of staff is more than the number of tables being used.

My waitress with the crazy-cool high tops told me the fried pork dumplings were the most popular so I decided not to argue with the masses. They...were...scrumptious. At $8.80 for a plate full of delish it was certainly enough to make my day and the portions were very generous. Half the plate down...I was full. Three quarters...I'd taken it too far.

The place is set up in your usual cheap Asian food decor - plastic chairs and picture menu on the wall kinda styles and the breeze from the large shop opening made me wish I had chosen a table closer to the back. However, the dumplings were delectable and I loved how you could watch the dumplings being handmade as you ate.

Important note: They only take cash NO card. So don't forget the dosh.

While you're there you mose well make a purchase of some take-away dumplings. Only $7 bucks and you can store them in the freezer and indulge in these parcels of delight anytime the mood strikes!

This appointment mix up turned out to be a blessing in disguise! Finished up with a top notch hairdo too!

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